Fire Restoration Services

Design for Fire Restoration and Rebuilding

Fire Restoration:

Wherever you may currently be in the process of rebuilding after a fire please know we are here to help. We understand the intricacies of post fire disaster rebuilding and have extensive experience working with insurance companies and insurance adjusters.

If you have any questions as to how we may be of help please don't hesitate to give us a call at (415) 637-9637

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What We Do

As Bay Area professionals, we offer our help to those affected by the recent Napa and Sonoma fires. We provide a variety of fire restoration and rebuilding services to assist owners and builders rebuild following a disaster. These services include: high quality designs, construction documents, construction administration and assisting owners and builders to obtain proper permits for their project.

With over 42 years of combined experience, we are well equipped to handle a wide range of projects ranging from custom homes to multi-building subdivisions.

Pre-design and Feasibility

  • Program analysis. Your preferences are translated into words and numbers; program statement, charts, and bubble diagrams are prepared.
  • Zoning and code analysis. Zoning and other code issues are researched and evaluated, this may include the zoning envelope – the height, bulk, setbacks, and other limits imposed by code. When combined with other requirements, such as local design guidelines, allowable floor and development areas, and other code requirements, this analysis can help me begin to shape the program into a building mass that fits the site well.
  • Assist with major scheduling issues, such as project phasing, the time it takes to go through regulatory process, the sequencing of design decisions, etc.


  • First step is to organize information accumulated during pre-design phase into a comprehensive outline of a project, develop site and functional space use diagrams.
  • Based on this analysis, a schematic design is developed. A clearly defined, feasible concept is presented in a form that achieves your understanding and acceptance. The most promising alternative design solutions are explored.
  • Based on the approved schematic design, fully developed drawings containing a coordinated description of all aspects of the design are produced.

Construction Documents

  • Prepare drawings and specifications setting forth in detail the requirements of the project.
  • Building components - structure, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, other special systems are coordinated into the project.
  • Documents necessary for entitlements – permit drawings - are prepared and submitted to local jurisdictions. In residential projects these documents are sometimes called “building plans”, “architectural plans”, “design plans” and so forth.

Construction Administration

  • Modifications are reviewed throughout the construction period. They might be triggered by the bidding and negotiations process, by constructability input from third parties, field conditions or simply by you changing your mind about something. Whether they are initiated by you, the general contractor, or the bidders, we will be work on integrating the revisions with the remainder of the design.
  • Submittals, shop drawings and other project documents generated by third parties need to be reviewed, coordinated with the rest of the project and – when necessary – revised to conform to design intent. We manage this process as your agent.
  • General contractor’s applications for payment need to be checked against the actual progress of construction.
  • Perform observation of the work in the field for general conformance with design intent.

Preliminary Structural Evaluations

  • Site visit and fire damage observations
  • Prepare as build drawings
  • Rebuilding alternatives evaluation and the required code upgrades analysis

Structural Material Selection

  • Assist in selecting structural materials meeting client’s aesthetic, seismic performance and fire resistance expectations
  • Selection of the materials meeting green construction practices as needed

Detailed Structural Engineering Drawings

  • Produce custom plans that have a minimum amount of “standard” details. Clients save on final construction costs as our complete, detailed drawings eliminate many ambiguities of standardized plans, tightening and lowering bids from contractors while minimizing change orders.
  • Provide input on sustainable structural design throughout the building design and construction process.
  • Create designs that are easy to build, meet code criteria and eliminate improvisation in the field. We pride ourselves in finding cost-effective, sustainable, innovative and practical engineering solutions while keeping in mind the architectural and aesthetical requirements of our clientele.

Structural Calculations

  • We still use old-fashioned hand calculations or spreadsheets as appropriate for simple tasks that would be too time consuming to use computer software for. However, we have the most comprehensive and state of the art structural analysis and design software that is a part of our daily engineering practice.

Assistance During Bidding Process

  • Reply to owner’s and contractor’s questions that come up during the bidding process.
  • If needed, issue Structural Engineering revision addendums to all bidders to insure fair and equal base bid scope.

Construction Administration

  • Provide structural observations and inspections as required by code. Prepare structural observation reports to document issues and solutions discussed in field with the construction crew. Provide copies of the reports to the architect, owner and the contractor.
  • Review request for changes from the contractor due to the existing conditions, construct-ability concerns or builder’s errors during the construction
  • Prepare construction structural sketches are provided on as needed basis to address issues per above.
  • Review and approve third party structural differed submittals such as prefabricated trusses, steel stairs, steel frames and framing, etc.